Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yes. . . I'm Alive. . .and Doing a Meme!

Wow, almost a whole week without a post! Considering I often post daily, I have been more than a little neglectful. Life gets in the way sometimes, but I'm back on the horse and I appreciate everyone putting up with my little hiatus. . . or maybe no one noticed. I'm OK with it either way really.

I was tagged the other day in a meme by the lovely Elizabeth at Momma Two.
If you aren't familiar with her blog I highly recommend checking her out. She has an incredible way with words and tends to be rather hilarious. She doesn't sugar coat anything about mommy-hood and I love that about her.

Anyway, about this meme thing. First I must admit that I am not very in the loop on the whole meme thing. I have seen the word tossed around quite a bit lately, but never bothered to really pay attention or look up what it means. I decided that if I am to participate in one, that I better go ahead and figure it out.

First of all, meme rhymes with dream - I at least am saying it correctly in my head now. I admit my mind kept saying MiMi like the character in Drew Carey. Unfortunately her picture kept popping up in my mind each time too so I am happy to have a new reference for the word now.
It seems that the definition of a meme is evolving as it is getting used more and more in the blogosphere. In this context, it is a question or writing exercises that gets passed on to different bloggers much like a chain letter. Unlike a chain letter, I am not threatened by curses or misfortune to my mother if I don't participate. If you want to get more in depth on what a meme is, read this article from The Daily Meme.

This specific meme is rather simple; List 10 things that people don't know about me. Simple, but kind of not so simple. I think that those who choose to blog, tend to be over-sharers. I freely admit to it myself. The term verbal diarrhea definitely comes to mind as it obviously did for Liz. I try to share the good, the bad, and the ugly so when prompted to come up with 10 new things I hear crickets going off in my head. I read through a few of the blogs that have already participated and I think I can come up with 10. . . just don't expect them all to be particularly deep or enlightening - You must have this mistaken with another blog if you are.

OK here goes:
  1. When I am done having kids I want to get a large tattoo on my back. It won't cover my entire back, but I do want it to be long enough or wide enough that it can't just be called a lower back, mid back, left shoulder, or whatever tattoo. I have no idea what it will be yet, but it will be symbolic of my family, and I plan to at least sketch out the initial idea for it myself. It will probably in progress for many years and cost way too much money. I mentioned this to hubby and his only reaction was "huh, that sounds expensive."
  2. I am OCD about locking my car when I am walking away from it. I always have to click the lock button 3 times or else I feel unsafe.
  3. I don't get hangovers. I mentioned this on 5QF a while back so it's not unknown for those who read that, but I figured it is an interesting enough tidbit about me that is also rather random. I have never had a hangover, and it hasn't been for lack of drinking in the past. My body just doesn't react to those chemicals the way most people's do. I guess a small percentage of people have the opposite problem and have a rather bad physical reaction to even small amounts of alcohol. It is genetic and I'm very glad I'm not one of them.
  4. I am a huge dog lover and I always vowed to have a dog my whole life. Now I find myself dog-less. Even more surprisingly, I am rather OK with it (for now). Our house and especially yard is just too small for that. Having babies takes up all my nurturing energy anyway. One day we will have a couple though; 1 boxer, and 1 giant Bernese Mountain dog.
  5. When I first dated hubby, I was not much of a communicator. He played the stereotypically female role and would force me to talk about important issues between us. If he didn't insist on us talking things out, we would have never lasted, and I may never have found a long lasting relationship. Now that we're married with kids, I do my fair share of talking. . . He might say more than my fair share now, but he dug himself that grave.
  6. I did not like kids before having my own. I have never been one of those people who could appreciate babies or children for the sole purpose of them being babies or children. I really wasn't exposed to many babies or young kids as I was growing up though so I'm sure that didn't help. I loved my best friends' babies, but that was because of the relationship, not so much because of them. I knew my own kids would be completely different though and they of course are. Now I am much better with kids and find them amusing, so I have improved dramatically.
  7. I always feel really insecure about how I look, but I rarely show it to anyone (other than hubby).
  8. TMI alert for all the men out there - I talk about "cycles" in this bullet point - shocking I know! I always worried a little that I would have problems conceiving because my cycles were always so screwed up prior to having kids. I seriously have had maybe 1 30 day cycle in my life (not including BC pill ones), the rest have all been between 40 and 120 days. I read and heard through several sources that unpredictable cycles often meant difficulties getting pregnant. Thankfully we kind of blew that fear out of the water.
  9. I am a huge baby about horror movies. I used to not be so bad, but now I can't stand them. I get way too absorbed and have a hard time not personalizing everything.
  10. I get writers block all the time and I always feel like I am writing a bunch of nonsense. For some reason some people seem to appreciate it and actually read my stuff by choice. I remember back when I was taking my generals for my degree, I took a few writing and literature classes. I always BSed my way through every paper and never even started them unless it was the night before (or morning before) they were due. I almost always got rave reviews on them though. I never considered writing to be something I enjoyed until I started blogging though. Now I find it incredibly cathartic and a great way for me to channel all my energy. I write quite a bit that never makes it onto the blog. 
I admit that I have sucked at doing any proper networking with this whole blog thing. I read a lot of blogs, and occasionally comment, but I haven't made any friends. I am going to break the rules and leave this as an open ended invitation for any blogger out there to participate in this meme. Please let me know if you do, maybe then I'll have someone to tag next time. The one person I will tag personally, Liz already tagged. I figured this way though, she would have more pressure incentive to participate. You're up Robin!

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