Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fun Kid Questionnaire

Have you seen the kid questionnaires that have been circling the internet? I remember bookmarking one on my phone a year ago, but then I forgot about it after accidentally deleting the bookmarks. Basically, it is a list of simple questions that you ask your young child each year to see how the answers develop as they get older. It is pretty good for a laugh, and a cute memory to look back on.
Little Dude is in childcare for 2 hours every Tuesday while Baby Boo has her early childhood education toddler class with me. They always do some kind of art activity and today they painted Mother's Day cards. On the inside, the teacher filled out a questionnaire with them about mom.

A couple of the moms with kids in the childcare compared cards and they were so fun to read through. Here are little Dude's answers:
  • Q1 - How do you show your mom that you love her?
  • A1 - I give her hugs and kisses. (Awe)
  • Q2 - What is mom's favorite food?
  • A2 - Bananas
  • Q3 - What does mom like to do for fun?
  • A3 - Cook nummy food for me
  • Q4 - How old is mom?
  • A4 - 49. . . Oh wait, no she is 99 ((sigh))
  • Q5 - How did mom and dad meet for the first time?
  • A5 - I don't know (I think this concept is a little over his head still)
  • Q6 - What is something that mom loves?
  • A6 - Apples, bananas, and boys. . . like daddy! (LOL)
  • Q7 - What makes mom laugh?
  • A7 - My face!
  • Q8 - What makes mom mad?
  • A8 - I don't know, I'm playing right now.
There were a few more questions on the card, but the answers all turned into "I don't know, I'm playing now" after that. I guess he got tired of that game. The other 2 moms that I compared cards with had rather flattering answers for the age question (18 and 22), so we all laughed at my 99. I was also unaware of my apparent love for bananas!

This sounds like a fun little tradition to start for each Mother's Day. I might add some more questions for next year. Baby Boo is only 1.5, so I think I'll start hers next year. I highly suggest all you parents of toddlers try it out too, it really is a hoot!