Wednesday, August 3, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - August 3, 2011

These are more cell phone pics from earlier this year in May.

Roughly every other weekend we take a walk with the kids around town and stop at Dairy Queen. The walk is no longer than a couple of miles total, but we take our time with it. Earlier this year we made use of the single jogging stroller despite having a perfectly good double stroller in the garage. Little Dude walked for quite a while, but once he got tired we improvised and it actually worked out really well:

Filling up the tires at the gas station:
We were lucky that Baby Boo was in a mellow mood otherwise she would have been kicking her brother the whole time and our nice little arrangement wouldn't have worked at all.

Mmmmm, Dairy Queen:

Little Miss Boo passed out pretty early on and missed out on ice cream. . . don't tell her that:

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