Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY Wood Plaque Frame

Remember the "almost finished" art wall in Baby Boo's room?

Here is a reminder:
I put in a lot of time and effort into gathering the perfect collection of photos and what-nots for the wall. Check out that whole post here if you want details.

There was 1 thing missing though, and that was a frame for the 8"x10" print on the very left of the middle row.

Since I was busy doing some furniture painting this past week, I figured that I might as well try to tackle a frame for the art wall while I was at it. 

My inspiration came from something I pinned a while back:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jewelry Armoire Revamp

A good year ago, my sister in law had an old jewelry armoire that she no longer wanted. I told her I would take it. It was a good quality, sturdy, mostly hard wood piece of furniture. The only problem was that it was a bit blah for me. Here is my Little Dude modelling the armoire for you (in his PJs of course):

Monday, February 13, 2012

Planning Planning Planning

I have slowed down on the household projects lately, but that definitely doesn't mean that they aren't on my mind. I recently got some free (or almost free) subscriptions to a few different decorating and design magazines, and my mind is racing with ideas. Add a serious Pinterest addiction to the mix, and I officially have way too many projects for any 1 person to ever finish in their lifetime.
I am still stuck on the kitchen. I made some decent improvements over the last year, but there is still so much to be done.
The main kitchen projects I hope to finish this year are:
1.   New light fixtures
2.   Backsplash
3.   Window treatments
4.   Shoe/Garbage storage
For today, I'm focusing on the light fixtures!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Out With the Old & DIY the New

No I haven't given up on the blog, there has just been a whole lot of busy busy days that I find myself having less and less time to write.

I did something yesterday that I had been meaning to do for several months now; I finally ditched Little Dude's crib!
Little Dude 1 year ago

He will turn 3 in less than 2 months so I really have pushed the crib thing as far as I feel I could. We stuck with it for so long because he has always been an awesome sleeper, so why rock the boat?