Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trolling the Web for Toddler Fashions!

First of all, yes I still plan to keep up this blog. I realize I haven't posted in FOREVER, but ruts happen (and unhappen hopefully) so here I am!

I love this blog for collecting my ideas, and that is what brought me back really. I am hoping to get our annual family photos taken soonish, so I have been brainstorming ideas.

Last year's photos were bright, sunny, and in the middle of beautiful mother nature. I decided that I want a contrasting look this year with something more structured and urban. I haven't completely decided on a location yet, though I really should work on that. I also want a fall vibe versus a summer one. I'm thinking layers, jackets, boots, scarves, etc.

Here is one of my favorite inspiration photos for the style I want for the kids:
I hate putting up photos without giving credit to the original source, 
but unfortunately, I haven't had any luck finding it.

I wish I had a boy equivalent to get inspired from, but I'm thinking cargo or wool jacket over a cute printed button up and faded pants. Not sure if a newsboy hat would be over the top or not, but I'll have to consider it!

I want the looks to be a mix of preppy, fashionista, military, utilitarian, vintage, and romantic all in one. That's a tall order considering I have some opposites in that list, but I sure am going to try!

-Some boy outfit ideas after a little bit of surfing about-

Jersey Duffel in Navy by Boden USA - $38.00

Jacket in Black (I prefer the Navy) by H&M - $49.95

Secret Wash shirt in Gingham Hyacinth by Crewcuts - $39.50

Plaid Double Pocket Shirt by 77Kids - $22.95

Stripe Cotton Cardigan in Brocade Blue by Crewcuts - $52.50

Cardigan in Green by H&M - $14.95 BARGAIN BUY!

Sweater Vest in Brilliant Blue by GAP - $26.95

Slim Jeans in Light Denim Blue by H&M - $14.95 BARGAIN BUY!

Destroyed Bootcut jean in Light Wash by 77Kids - $34.95

Palladium Kids Pallabrouse boot in Dark Khaki/Putty or Metal/Black - $45.00
I can't decide which color I like best!
Railroad Stripe Newsboy Cap by GAP - $7.99 (sale price)

-and some girly stuff-

Hooded Cape by Zara (low on sizes - sad face)- $17.99 BARGAIN BUY!

Pintucked Ruffle Dress in Portal Purple by Old Navy - $16.94 

Structured Bermuda Shorts in White by Zara - $9.99 (sale price) BARGAIN BUY!

One of my favorite little girl clothes brand is The Measure Designs. They sell adorable handmade vintage inspired little girl clothes that are to die for! I bet my mom could duplicate a lot of the fashions herself, I just need to find the right fabrics. Here are 3 pictures showing off the clothing:
Their FB page is great too!

Minnetonka Moccasin 3 Layer Fringe Boot in Hot Pink Suede - $65.00
doubt that's in the budget though :(.

Ukala by EMU Taj Hi in Charcoal - $28.97 (sale price down from $59.00!) BARGAIN BUY!
Errrm. . . I might have ordered that one on the spot.

I would have loved an Ugg Bailey Button Triplet boot. . . but for over $150 less, it wasn't much of a decision:

That's enough online shopping for now. Hubby has now watched me "look at kid clothes" online for a couple of hours and thinks I'm crazy enough as it is. Who knows what I come up with after hitting the brick and mortar stores. At least I have some awesome inspo for now!