Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quicky Garden Update

I'm going to sneak in a last minute garden update because I had a couple of people ask how things are growing.

Here is a terrible photo of my carrots:
I was too lazy to wait for better lighting later in the day so I took a bunch of photos in bright sunshine. The carrots are doing well though in case you couldn't tell.

My celery is also doing great:
and look it even is starting to look like celery:
I am feeling the need to apologize for my dirty hand. It is a gardening post so maybe that isn't necessary.

My brussel sprouts are growing very well too:
They are not hot weather loving plants so we will see if I get decent brussel sprouts from them.

Green beans:
They have some pretty white flowers:

I forgot to take a photo of my eggplant plants, but I did take a photo of a wilted flower from one. They were a pretty violet color a few days ago. I didn't notice the spikes on them until I took this picture:

The cucumbers are growing slowly:
I did plant them from seeds rather late in the season so all things considered they are doing well.

Remember my dying spinach?
Well my photography skills are terrible as you can see from the vastly different soil color, but they have greened up considerably and are looking much healthier. I think there's hope for them yet:

My peppers are totally rocking it! This plant alone has 8 peppers growing:
Once again, I realize these photos are terrible but you get the idea.

This photo was taken last week:
Same pepper yesterday:

Another random pepper:

The purple heirloom tomato photo from last week that I was all excited over:
I hope it turns soon. Here it is now in all it's sprawling glory:
I found this little guy while digging for tomato buds:
He didn't survive long after the photo. . .

. . . on a  happier note, I found several tomato buds throughout:

I did forget to photograph the Topsy Turvy tomato tree. I counted 60 tomatoes growing on that yesterday evening. . . nope that's not a typo. . . I meant 60! Can you tell I'm excited? I'm going to hopefully have tomatoes coming out of my ears and I will love every minute of it.

OK, enough garden talk for now. Back to your regularly scheduled weekend.

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