Monday, July 25, 2011

Potty Training Boot Camp - Prelude

I would really like to work on potty training Little Dude one of these days. I plan on taking the potty training boot camp approach where you go cold turkey without diapers. It is a steep learning curve I guess. I got the idea from where she spells out very well how to go about this. She also says to do it with 18 month olds, but we weren't ready for that at the time. It has gone long enough though, and it is high time I get my oldest out of diapers.
The problem is, this approach requires a couple of days of undivided attention and sticking close to home. First of all, I have a needy 10 month old that makes it hard to give someone else undivided attention all day long. Second of all, it is summer and we have been so busy that it is very rare for us to have two whole days or even one where we stay home all day. It is Minnesota and we value the short time we have nice weather since it is so freakin' cold for so many months.

Hmmm. When I read the preceding paragraph, all I can hear in my head is "wah wah wah wah, excuses, wah wah, excuses."

This needs to happen soon - preferably this week.

Maybe I should make a commitment to starting on Thursday. . . OK, Thursday it is.

I love planning through blog; it really helps me get my thoughts out!

I am sure Little Dude is capable of it. It will just depend on how stubborn he wants to be about the whole thing. He does ask to go potty on occasion. I always oblige him, but he only actually goes in the potty about half of the time that he asks to. It is sporadic though, and he hasn't made any big strides recently. It is a start at least. I know it isn't a foreign concept to him.

I am a little weary of posting this here because if I crash and burn, it will be here for the world to see. . . all 3 of you reading this that is. This is my life though and I'm not here to sugar coat anything. I am not super mom, my kid was not potty trained by 18 months, and we will see how this goes at 28 months.

Wish me luck!


  1. That was the only way to potty train Rob. We got custody when he was 3.5 and she didnt even start training. He went cold turkey off pull ups and it took about three weeks but he got it. Boys are also harder too, as I am sure you have heard. :)

  2. Yeah, I'm not looking forward to it, but i'll be glad I did once I'm on the other end of it I'm sure. It will be great to not have to have 2 kids in diapers anymore.

  3. Good luck! My niece is 28 months too, and not potty trained. They've talked about it, and are trying to get her to understand the concept, I think, but haven't done the boot camp approach. I might try that someday with my kids... I've got plenty of time though! :)


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