Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Project #2 - Veggie Garden

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been rather project happy lately so I decided it wasn't enough to stop at one project for this coming weekend. The second project we have planned is to build a raised veggie garden. Hubby and I had planned to do this last year but he was working and finishing his degree while I was working and pregnant - so - alas it didn't happen. I wasn't sure if it would happen this year either, but the hubs is rather gung ho about it; So we decided just yesterday, that this weekend is the time to do it.

The plan is to build a 12'x8' plot raised about a foot. I am not sure exactly what I want to grow yet, but I know I won't have an issue deciding soon. We priced out the wood and screws already and everything should come to about $75 with tax. We are lucky that our neighbour has a bunch of soil that he doesn't want so we will be taking some of that. It is pretty nice nutrient rich soil too.

I already have some sweet pepper, heirloom tomato and cilantro seedlings started in my kitchen window sill so those are good for starters. I need to do a little research on what else I would like, feel free to make suggestions.

Before deciding to do the full garden I had purchesed a Topsy Turvy tomato tree from Menards. I have a friend who tried it out last year and had amazing results so I figured why not?
I have assembled it so far and purchased a couple of different tomato seedlings for it but have yet to plant them. I will get around to it once the rain stops. I also purchased a Topsy Turvy strawberry hanger and strawberry plant for the kids to have something to pick at. I will report back on how well these work. I have high hopes but am also somewhat skeptical of "As Seen on TV" products. Here they are in my yard all ready for planting :
Also visible in the photo are some Marigold pots for keeping bugs and rabbits away. There is also a planter with chives in it. Last year I had chives and basil in the planter and that worked well but that has been the extent of my green thumb. I was excited to find out this year that chives are perennials. I have some delicious fresh chives and I haven't had to make any effort to grow them so far.

Here is a shot of our backyard, the garden will go in front of the garage.
Now I need to figure out some other plants that I want to grow. I have never been big on gardening so this is all very new to me, hopefully I'm not in over my head.

to be continued. . .

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