Monday, April 11, 2011

Review - Vulli Sophie Giraffe

Another French made baby product. Sophie is the best teething toy I have ever found, hands down.

Both my kids have heavily used our Sophie and H doesn't even have any teeth yet. Even when your baby isn't teething Sophie is a really fun toy. Sophie starts being fun I would say from around 3 months of age when a baby is starting to find more interest in toys and picking things up. Sophie is soft and easy to squeak unlike most other baby toys and her long neck and legs make her easy to grab. She is great for teething and my two year old still loves playing with her because he is learning his animals. I don't think Sophie will be retired any time soon.
Sophie is rather expensive. That is the biggest (only?) downside that I can think of to this toy.

Currently Sophie Giraffes are running a little under $20 from Amazon with free 2 day shipping if you join Amazon Mom. I have heard people call it a glorified dog toy, with all due respect I disagree. I worked in a pet store for years and have handled hundreds of different squeaky dog toys and none were like Sophie. Sophie is made from natural rubber which makes her really nice to chew on. Dog toys are almost always made of Latex or some other cheap synthetic made in China. In a day where all bottles are BPA free, phthalate free, lead free etc, why would you give your baby some crap dog toy that in all likelihood has more chemicals in it than I can ever hope to name?

Sophie gets a 10/10 in my book

Disclaimer - I do not have any affiliation with Vulli. I was not payed or given anything free in exchange for this review.

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