Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ode to Nap Time

I cannot stress enough how wonderful and amazing I consider nap time. Without nap time I would get less than half of what I get done around the house done, and I would be a whole lot crazier to boot. I am beyond lucky that my kids are good sleepers. I am no parenting genius or anything, I don't have an amazing secret about how to make a child sleep better. Mine just do it and I am infinitely thankful for that. Both kids typically nap 3.5 hours a day. H usually starts her nap an hour earlier than K which is nice because then I get some one on one time with each kid. When they are both sleeping I unwind, play on the computer, make food, and sometimes even clean my house (shocker I know). It allows me the "me time" that everyone should have. I'm lucky enough to get it almost daily.

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