Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shoes - A Girl's Best Friend

I saw these little beauties in the newest Vickies catalogue that arrived in the mail today:

Needless to say I heart them dearly but they are also out of the budget for me being that any disposable income we have is going towards home improvements these next few months. Being 5" tall, they are also terribly impractical for a mom toting around a couple of kids. Sigh, where were you when I was young(er) and single Steve by Steve Madden Strappy Platform Sandals? My birthday is coming up. . . maybe this can be my not so subtle hint to the hubby.

I guess I get to find out how closely he reads my blog now.

If I get them I will just have to make sure there are enough date nights and girls-night-outs to make them worth it. Plus I'm loving the skinny jeans with heals look this year so they become more versatile.

No offense but diamonds have nothing over shoes. I'm hoping to impart that wisdom on H as she becomes old enough to care. They might not be her best friends yet, this is the extend of what she appreciates shoes for now. . .
. . . but maybe one day she will get it.

OK, no I don't want my daughter to be super materialistic, but I would love it if she enjoys finding her own style as much as I do. As my hubby has figured out by now, I have a small addiction to baby clothes and shoes. I was organizing H's dresser today and pulled out some of the shoes that currently fit her.
These are most of them:
 Then I decided to nicely organize them because they look prettier that way:
Later when I put the camera away and resumed organizing I found another 5 pairs. Maybe it is time to slow down? I think the only thing keeping me from buying her more at this point is that I know she will outgrow them so quickly. I am a little obsessed to say the least.
Check out these adorable pink sandals:
 and these classic little red leather ballet flats:
 finally these beautiful and ornate white closed toe sandals:
I told you I heart shoes!

I do buy pretty much all of them on sale or clearance at least. I think all of them except for that last pair of white sandals were under $10, and many $2-$3. One thing I will be sure to pass along to my kids is that it is almost never necessary to pay full retail price on anything.

Enough on shoes for now, I'm sure I lost many of you around the 1st paragraph. . . especially anyone with a Y chromosome - but I'm okay with that. Happy Wednesday!

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