Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun & Tasty Toddler Concoctions - Lunch Meat Rollups

Most moms I know struggle to find a balance between healthy, easy to make, and well accepted food for their kids. Here is a quick and easy snack that my son K loves. Funnily enough it was my husband that showed me how to make these one day when we had a bunch of leftovers laying around.

Meat and Veggie Rollups

Ingredients (per roll)
  • 1 slice of deli meat - I used Turkey pastrami for this one but any will work
  • 1 oz of cream cheese
  • 1 oz of veggies - I like to use 1/2 fresh and 1/2 pickled veggies for flavor. Basically I just graze through the fridge and find whatever is around that is good raw and add it with some chopped Mezzetta's veggies.

Lay out the slice of meat on a plate and spread the cream cheese in a wide strip down the middle. Then chop the veggies into smallish pieces no bigger than your pinky and sprinkle along the cream cheese. Finally roll the meat up perpendicular to the cheese strip. I also cut the roll into pieces for K because it is less messy. If you have an older kid or just a neater one than mine then this may not be necessary.

K gives it a thumbs up and cleaned off 3 of these as a snack.

Someone is in the middle of a growth spurt!

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