Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ramblings of an Insomniac

I am a tad bit sleepy. I seem to have caught a case of insomnia from my sister. And yes, I assure you it is indeed contagious - no need to google it, my medical opinion is very sound. I hate starting sentences off with 'and', but I already did it and I don't want to go back and fix it.

As you can see I'm into full blown ADD from sleep deprivation.

I am typically the kind of person that doesn't function well on less than 7 hours of sleep. Ideally I like to get 9. . . but that whole having kids thing can be rather incompatible with 9 hours sometimes. When I'm pregnant, the 7 and 9 turn into 10 and 12. . . at least for the first trimester. Luckily I'm not pregnant or else I may not have survived. You see, this week I have been getting a max of 3 hours each night. I was actually doing really well all week, but I took a nap just a few hours ago and it all came crashing down. I actually followed the old advice that all parenting books suggest and napped while my kiddos napped. The problem is I need my kids to take a 10 hour nap and they were not considerate enough to oblige me. They get that from their dad.

I was going to just go ahead and neglect the blog for the day since I clearly have nothing of importance to say. Not that my usual stuff is groundbreaking or anything, but it is in comparison to this. The thing is, if I don't sit down to blog I might be tempted to try to do something productive like mow my rather neglected lawn. It makes me dizzy with sleepiness just thinking about it though.

Today was one of those let-the-kids-stare-mindlessly-at-the-TV kind of days; AKA - mommy's mental health day. I don't have them often, but sometimes they are very necessary. Normally I would let the kids go outside to play, but the heat index is supposedly over 100 degrees and Kaelan had a rather high fever last night. I say supposedly because the heat index is currently just a number to me since I have not wandered out of the gloriousness that is AC. Well. . . I did at 6am since I was awake with nothing to do, my plants needed watering, and what else is a girl to do at 6am and she has been awake most of the night? But the temperature was quite nice at 6am. Oops, another sentence started with a conjunction. Maybe it is time to stop writing for the day! I don't know when I became a grammar nazi, this is a blog not a grant proposal.

Just so that I can say this wasn't a total wash of a post I will let Hailey entertain you with her interesting way of watching TV:
That's my girl!

She did eventually realize that there was a kitty under her and that said kitty had too many whiskers still attached. Poor kitty:

 Then Hailey slobbered and teethed on the kitty:
Better than a Sophie giraffe apparently!

Finally, a cute shot of my sick little booger being in an awesome mood considering he shot up to 104 degrees last night:


  1. I can't believe that Haily actually sits on the couch and watches TV. First of all, I'm afraid Bowen would fall off the couch and 2nd of all, he has an attention span of about 2 minutes when it comes to TV. Not that I'm complaining. TV isn't good for the little ones, but it comes in handy sometimes. And that cat! Bowen just starts smacking the cat and then she swats him back and then he gets upset. You have the coolest cat!

  2. She actually doesn't watch much, she mostly looks around. She can safely get herself off couches now so that is really nice. I don't leave her on them unattended though.

    Oh and yes the cat is pretty awesome with the kids. She isn't the brightest bulb in the box.


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