Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What About the Garden?

While last weekend was wonderful and productive we did not get a chance to build the garden we had planned. After finishing the awnings on Sunday morning we were all set to tackle the garden. We were getting the kiddos ready to head over to Menards when the hubs asked me "do you want the garden to be more stylized?" I didn't really know what he was talking about so he drew out what he was thinking. It looked a little like this:
Basically it is the same footprint but it will have three different tiers as indicated by the white numbers so it looks a little fancier. He wanted to make it special for me since it was mother's day. I said sure so he got to figuring out what we needed for wood with all the changes. We were originally going to go with green treated wood but we decided to spend a little more and go with cedar since it looks nicer, matches the fence going up, and isn't riddled with chemicals (which as biggy for me). The kids were rather interested in what daddy was doing picking out the cedar:
 So our project went from around $75 to almost $200 but it should turn out really nice. We arrived home, I fed the kids, and put them down for their naps. Hubby and I started staking out the footprint of the garden, and moved some dirt out of the way that was put in our yard from the previous day's fence post hole digging. While getting all that done, it was sprinkling but not much so we kept going. By the time we finished moving the dirt the rain had picked up considerably so we ended up deciding to stop for the day. Hubby was pretty tired from the day before and while we could have worked in the garage it would have been annoying. It did clear up later that afternoon but we had family obligations with both of our moms so we didn't get to continue. I was excited to have the garden ready but I can't be disappointed with how much was accomplished overall.

Hopefully the 3rd weekend will be the charm for the garden.

P.S. A quick update on the Topsy Turvy planters - I did plant these a couple of weeks ago now with the help of a friend who has used one successfully. Here they are:
 The top one is the tomato one and I put a basil plant out the top as well. The bottom picture shows the strawberry plant Topsy Turvy. Unfortunately two Sundays ago was super cold and it killed the basil and half of the tomato plants. WTF Minnesota spring!?! I though we were safe from overnight frost, but obviously I was wrong. I will be replanting some new tomato plants this week and all should be good again. The strawberries are thriving despite the temperatures. Since that weekend, the temperatures have been behaving so hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out.

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