Monday, December 12, 2011

Little Dude's Special Gems

I really want to name these types of posts: The Sh!t My Kid Says, but in an effort to remain family friendly I will resist. Not sure I achieved that with this title either though. . . but I digress.

It has been over a week since my last post and I blame all the Christmas festivities and general business of life lately. Lets just pretend last week didn't exist - That way, I am still posting rather actively actually! The lack of posting certainly hasn't been for the lack of inspiration. A day without any special gems are rare with Little Dude around.

I am unfortunately not feeling so well today (and neither is he), so I'll keep things short so that I can return to moping around on the couch ASAP.

*Just the other day, I was baking sugar cookies; I had the dough rolled out on the counter and Little Dude came up to me and said, "Oh mommy mommy I wanna watch! You making cookies? Can I watch with my mouth?"

This one was popular on FaceBook so I'll repeat:
*Baby Boo found a red plastic apple in the toy box so she proceeded to chuck it at her brother. 

Little Dude squealed, and yelled: "No no, thas not a angry bird, it's a APPLE!

*Little Dude has taken an interest in reading and spelling lately. He has known the alphabet for a while now, and has even started asking me what the different letters sound like. He is, however, still only 2 and a half, and has a loooong way to go. 

Case in point, I was wearing a sweatshirt from Washington DC that had USA on it. Little Dude saw it and said; "Thas a U, and a S, and a A. It spells MOMMY!" Then he turned to his grandma that had a softball jacket on with the word Fastpitch on it. He spelled that one out too and declared it "GRANDMA!" 

Finally. . .
*The kids were going to a breakfast with Santa event last weekend. Since Little Dude wasn't old enough to really get on the whole Santa-brings-presents train last year, I figured I should check to see if he had started to get it yet.

Me: You are going to see Santa tomorrow. Do you know what you are going to ask Santa?
LD: Ask Santa? Oh, for presents in my stocking!
Me: Yes, Santa brings presents on Christmas. What kind of presents are you going to ask Santa for tomorrow?
LD: Two!
Me: Two presents *wow*, but what kind bud? Will you ask for train tracks, trucks, books, animals, or something else? 
LD appeared to think hard about this for 10 seconds, then his face lit up and he excitedly exclaimed: TWO!!!
I think "Santa" can handle that request!

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