Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday - November 2, 2011

I had to go with the obvious Halloween theme here because I have cute photos to share of the kiddos. Sorry if you are my friend on Facebook because nothing here is new, but it was definitely the highlight of our week.

I am enamoured with Tom Arma costumes for kids. The only problem with that is they are rather expensive. I scoured the internet and kept a close eye on eBay, and scored both costumes for a decent amount less than MSRP on 1. As an added bonus, the kids coordinated rather nicely:
Little Dude was a dinosaur and Baby Boo was a tree frog.

Little Dude is all about costumes right now and he was so excited to be a dinosaur:
 Here he is last week modelling his sister's outfit:
I bought both costumes as 2T and it worked out well. Little Dude was almost too big for his, and Baby Boo was almost too small for hers, but they both looked good and were comfy.

Baby Boo HATES hats so I knew that the froggy headpiece would not be well received. I was right. . .
She got over it after some struggling and lots of crying. I would have just let her go without the headpiece, but she needed something on her head to keep her warm and she wouldn't have been any more receptive to regular hat.

We headed out to our city's Halloween party where there was a lot of trick-or-treating and other fun to be had:
We also visited both grandparents' and did some traditional trick-or-treating.
 Baby Boo didn't get much candy overall, but she got to double fist some large suckers for a while:

Towards the end of the night we took a family photo that turned out very cute:
It is rare to have everyone looking at the camera in a photo.
Even more amazing is that this was the only shot taken.

It is fun to compare it to the one from last year taken in the same spot:
It is amazing how much changes, yet how much stays the same!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween. I am excited to do it again next year!

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