Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday - October 5, 2011

To go along with my outdoor post yesterday, I figured I would share some photos from our time at the playground:
As soon as we got there, Little Dude immediately went over and started playing with dirt and rocks.
Such a boy!

While I took the photos of her brother, Baby Boo took it upon herself to climb the steep stairs. I didn't notice until she was halfway up (bad mommy). I was too busy rushing over to support her to take a photo that time. I wasn't being over protective either, she is very shaky on that thing and almost fell a few times:

She is rather fearless. Once she conquered the tall narrow steps she proceeded to fling herself down the spiral slide:
She is the total opposite of her over-cautious brother who still prefers to go down the slide with mom or dad.

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