Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Craziness that is a Two Year Old

There is nothing more entertaining than a 2 year old when they blurt out or do the most random things. I have recently started writing the stuff down more so that I can remember it.

Randomness that has come out of his mouth when talking to strangers at the grocery store:
"O-bots aw awesum!" {he was less than 2 years old - translation: robots are awesome!}
"I am SOOOOO happy!"
"I eated lots and lots of pills" {He didn't, but I walked away quickly before the person could think about calling CPS}
After a day or 2 of potty training boot camp, Little Dude was becoming very familiar with anatomy and we had a conversation about how mommy and sister don't have penises. Well, we stopped by Target a while later, and very randomly Little Dude looked at the cashier and announced, "Mommy have no penis." I was a little mortified. Luckily, the cashier laughed and assured me that she had kids of her own and remembers those years of verbal diarrhea.
Speaking of anatomy, according to Little Dude, girls like Baby Boo "have no penis - have 2 butts." {Must inform Gray's Anatomy of their error}
Once when I went to change his diaper {around his 2nd birthday}, he wasn't in a good mood and didn't want his diaper changed. I told him that he didn't have a choice and he pouted back, "No means no mommy!" {LOL, not sure where he got that one from}
He has informed me a couple of times now that cupcakes are for after lunch/dinner. {Wait. . .who's the parent?}
I walked into Little Dude's room randomly one day while he was playing. He was dancing like a fool and singing, "Shake-a-boom-boom, shake-a-boom-boom." I laughed at him and told him "you're crazy bud!"
He stopped dancing, looked at me, and said, "mama please. . . just saying I so happy!" {I love my happy guy}

He went through a phase where he proclaimed his happiness quite often actually. Once during a really loud thunderstorm, he was running through the house with his arms in the air and squealing. Every time it would thunder loudly he would yell, "BIG BOOM! Storm make me so happy. BOOM!!!"

Hubby went to go grab Baby Boo from her room day when she woke up from her nap the other day. He picked her up and said, "I have a princess". Little Dude got up all excited, and started running towards the room saying "daddy have a princess?" He ran into them in the hallway, noticed that it was Baby Boo in daddy's arms, looked disappointed and said, "Oh, no princess. Daddy just have Baby Boo."

I was talking to Little Dude about mommas having babies in their bellies and how he was in my belly once. He looked at mine, pointed at it, and said, "Momma have baby in belly? . . . Nooo." Then he pointed at my knees, "Momma have baby in knees? . . . Nooo." Then he pointed at my chest, "Momma have baby in boobs? . . . Yes, momma have 2 babies in boobs!" {Who knew?}
How's this for special:
Ummm. . . yeah, 'nuf said.

The other day I went to wipe his nose when he wasn't expecting it. Little Dude jumped a little, threw his arms over his face dramatically and yelled "Don't attack me mommy!" {My bad}
That same day {once he recovered from the attack}, we were all walking out to the car when Little Dude tripped on the sidewalk. He started crying because he had an owie, so I went over to comfort him. I asked him, "did you trip on a leaf?" He looked at me all teary eyed and said, "No mommy, I fell off a really big leaf." {I'll have to watch out for those in the future}

The categorization of cars according to Little Dude:
   1. Big cars - SUVs, vans, pickups, large sedans
   2. Police cars - any emergency car with flashing lights, boxy white or black cars
   3. Race cars - everything else
{Apparently, my Toyota Corolla is a race car}
I had both kids with me in a waiting room as we were waiting for the doctor to come in for Baby Boo's 1 year well child check up. Little Dude noticed a framed print on the wall that had Mickey as a doctor pictured on it. He was excited by it and exclaimed, "Mickey a doctor!" I smiled and told him that yes Mickey was a doctor and that he was checking out Donald just like the doctor would do for Baby Boo. A minute later, the doctor came in and started chit chatting with me. Little Dude interrupted us a few minutes in and asked, "Where Mickey doctor?"

This next one isn't so crazy, but it amuses me so I'll throw it in with this lot since it is weird - A friend of mine that is into canning gave me a couple of jars of pickled peppers this past summer:
It contained Serrano peppers, jalapeƱos, and banana peppers.
Thanks to the first 2 on that list, the whole jar was rather spicy.
Yummy peppers!
Little dude saw me eating them with my salsa (also freshly canned), so naturally he wanted to try one. I braced myself for some gasping and maybe even tears. Instead, he just popped one in his mouth, blinked a little, and asked for more:
He loves spicy peppers apparently! He did need a few sips of milk in between, but he gobbled down a couple dozen of them before I cut him off.
Enough craziness and weirdness for today. I'm sure I can't even begin to imagine what I have in store for me over the next few years, especially now that Baby Boo is learning to talk too.

Never a dull moment!

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