Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to get Your Toddler to Eat Lunch - Wrong and Right Ways

Here are a couple of scenarios that I have had the pleasure of partaking in recently.

You quickly learn some tricks for dealing with:
The NO monster!

How to get your toddler to eat lunch:

--- Wrong ---

Mom: Hey bud it's time for lunch!
Toddler: No sanks

Mom: Eat your food please sweetie.
(asking nicely)
Toddler: No hungy

Mom: But you just told me you were hungry.
Toddler: No mommy

Mom: It's important to eat your lunch so you can be strong and healthy.
(more reasoning, ha! fat chance)
Toddler: Thas OK

Mom: But it has chicken. . . you love chicken!
Toddler: Yucky chicken

Mom: There's string cheese too, you can have fun pulling it apart.
(another attempt at enticing)
Toddler: NO

Mom: If you eat your lunch you can have fruit snacks after.
(Ah, bribery)
Toddler: NO

Mom: If you don't eat your lunch you will go straight to bed.
(threatening - getting desperate)
Toddler: NO

Toddler ends up refusing lunch no matter what.
Mom ends up frustrated and crabby.

--- RIGHT ---

Mom: Hey bud it's time for lunch
Toddler: No sanks

Mom: You don't want it?
Toddler: No want it.

Mom: OK, I'll give it to your baby sister then.
Toddler: NO NO NO, do want it. So hungy!

Stellar parenting? Questionable.
Effective? Absolutely!

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