Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Too Funny Tuesday

I didn't want to wait for a Friday Funny so I figured I would make up a new (not quite) alliteration. Sorry it has been nothing but crickets around here lately. Between a couple of projects, Little Dude's upcoming birthday party, and some unseasonably gorgeous weather, blogging has been taking a bit of a back seat. I will eventually catch up though. . . (maybe!)

The funnies don't stop when I'm busy though, they just don't always get written down and immortalized in blog form. Here's a real simple one from the other day when I was having some knee issues: I sat down and complained to the hubs that my knee had locked up. Little Dude overheard, came running and said, "Oh no mommy, should we find a key?"

It always makes me laugh when kids don't quite get a figure of speech, yet try to use it anyway. My kids sometimes get confused by the singular versus plural forms of words. For example, Little Dude used to exclaim "Yike" instead of "Yikes" when he first started talking. He hasn't done that for over a year, but recently Hailey brought me back by starting up with "Oop" whenever something drops (accidentally or otherwise). Little Dude really took the cake today though. He tripped over something on the floor and in his frustration he yelled out, "Oh craps!"
        *Not my proudest mommy moment since I'm pretty sure I know where he got that from. . . 
I'm working on it.  

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