Thursday, March 1, 2012

Boys & Their Toys

Yesterday, Little Dude was drawing in the living room. He drew 4 smiley faces and told me that they were mommy, daddy, Baby Boo, and himself. He is getting pretty good at drawing faces, so I showed him how to draw stick people bodies on them. Once we had drawn stick bodies on all 4 faces, he had an additional request; for me to draw penises on him and daddy.

Now I am all about being open with my kids about anatomy. I am getting used to the fact that private parts are quite the fascination for my toddler. This is, after all, the kid that once told a cashier at Target that, "Mommy doesn't have a penis." I do draw the line somewhere though, and drawing private parts is it. I simply told him that the people were wearing pants. Thankfully, he seemed satisfied with that answer, and didn't press the issue any further.

It seems like ever since we potty trained him this past summer, he has been very focused on those particular body parts. He recently told his grandma, "I have a penis, and you have a butt. Don't be jealous!" Luckily, grandma found it funny. He explains these facts of life to his sister all the time too. She's oblivious for now, but I'm sure she'll catch on soon and then they can spout off about the subject in stereo.

Nothing he does is particularly inappropriate. He simply likes everyone around him to be informed about anatomy. Luckily at age 2, it is pretty funny. It just makes me laugh how fixated he can be on the subject. He asked a friend of ours if he wore pants because he wanted to hide his penis once. Once again, the situation was funny, but I did take the opportunity to tell Little Dude that some people don't like talking about their penises. He seemed rather flabbergasted by this. I swear I never could have imagined such a conversation before becoming a mom. A few times he has pulled down his pants just to "make sure it's still there." I think I may have sprayed milk out of my nose the first time he did that. 

I'm going to miss this age of innocence down the line. For now, I am happy to write it all out so that I can show him this very post once he is older and much more inhibited (AKA embarrassed).

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