Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Kid Said What?

It is a fact that when learning this whole talking business, most little people are going to be less than perfect at first. Mild speech impediments are very common in toddlers such as lisps and mispronunciation of Rs. Little Dude is no exception here and it has had some hilarious (and somewhat embarrassing) results at times.

I have heard from several people, the example of "truck". The TR sound can be a difficult one, and is sometimes replaced by F. Hilarity ensues each time the child sees a truck. . . especially out in public. I guess my hubby was guilty of this one as a tot.

I have 2 gems of my own so far that I can remember:
  1. First there is the word "football". A very harmless and inert word that Little Dude managed to butcher nicely into something much much less PC. He pronounces it rather lazily, leaving out the t and ll. What is left sound very much like "fupa". If you aren't familiar with this term I suggest you look it up on Urban Dictionary. Note to self: must teach child to enunciate!
  2. The next we only recently discovered when Little Dude received some Thomas the Tank Engine toys for Christmas. The boy is obsessed with trains and all things vehicle, so we knew he would be very excited about it. One specific toy was a talking Percy train. Since Rs give Little Dude trouble, he often omits it. He opened the present and yelled out in excitement, "I have a pussy!" I especially loved the look on his grandma's face later that day when he told her that. She looked at me with 1 eyebrow raised and asked, "He has WHAT now?

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