Thursday, February 9, 2012

Out With the Old & DIY the New

No I haven't given up on the blog, there has just been a whole lot of busy busy days that I find myself having less and less time to write.

I did something yesterday that I had been meaning to do for several months now; I finally ditched Little Dude's crib!
Little Dude 1 year ago

He will turn 3 in less than 2 months so I really have pushed the crib thing as far as I feel I could. We stuck with it for so long because he has always been an awesome sleeper, so why rock the boat?

It is a drop side crib. . .( I know they are no longer acceptable according to government regulations. I looked into why they were all recalled, and I felt confident that his was solidly built and would not have those issues. It is solid maple and the hardware is high quality.) Anyhoo, we have basically left the crib side dropped down permanently for the last several months so that Little Dude could climb in and out easily. He has clearly been ready for a bed for some time now.

What really did it for us is the fact that I wanted Little Dude out of diapers at night. That required the freedom to be able to get in and out of bed easily. He has been waking up dry for months now, but I was too chicken to completely lose the diapers. Poop is scary enough in a diaper, I really didn't want to deal with it all over his bed, blech! Enough was enough though, so I bit the bullet, and got rid of the crib.

The plan is to get a twin sized mattress soon. . . within the month at least. Once Little Dude is used to sleeping in it, I want to build him a bed. Not just any bed mind you, but this bed that I found on Pinterest:
Source: The Slow Life blog

It is a loft bed, styled after a treehouse. I was browsing different loft beds for kids, and instantly fell in love when I came across this one! It is adorable, and it is closed in which I love. I don't think Little Dude is at all claustrophobic, plus the sides will make it harder for him to fall out of it. Our ceilings aren't particularly high, so it may need to be modified somewhat, but I think its doable. Hubby is excited to help me build something so we will give it a go probably once the weather is a little warmer.

The interim solution is a lot less glamorous:
Please pardon the cruddy quality cell phone shots.

Yup, my kid gets to sleep on a toddler mattress on the floor - we keep it classy around here! Oh, and he does have a normal pillow, but he spilled water on it so he stole a couch cushion while it dried.

After 2 nap times and 1 overnight in it, he seems to love the arrangement so I'm not worried. Both kids were very excited by this change:

They both played on the bed for a couple of hours after the switch was made. I had to calm Baby Boo down because she seemed to think that it was a trampoline.

I took the opportunity to rearrange the room a little bit, though I'll probably do it again once the loft bed is made:

I also took down the diaper holder that my mom hand made and embroidered for Little Dude:
That moment was rather bittersweet. My little guy is completely out of the baby stage. His Diaper Champ diaper bin was removed as well. I love being done with diapers in his room, but I can't wrap my head around the little boy that he has become. It makes me a little sniffley sometimes.

I'm excited for the new project at hand though. I know that Little Dude will absolutely love his treehouse bed!

That's it for now; I'll leave you all with some random pics of my kids practicing their yoga moves just because:

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